June 6, 2012
Prof. Peter Barthel: ‘Watch the transit of Venus and understand the big picture!’ < Home RUG < University of Groningen

June 6, 2012
Structured Procrastination


June 6, 2012
ScienceGuide - European countries dominate top HE ranking

I think it is interesting how university is still used differently in various countires.

June 6, 2012
Artist Berndnaut Smilde creates indoor clouds - The Style Blog - The Washington Post

September 28, 2010
Kickstarting a Collection of Public Domain Classical Music — ResearchBuzz

"I read at EFF recently a story about Musopen. Musopen had a project up at Kickstarter where it was trying to raise $11,000 for the purpose of recording classical music and making it public domain. The project ended yesterday and well exceeded its fundraising goal.

Reading about the project made me intrigued about the site, so I visited http://www.musopen.com/ to learn more about the site. And I discovered that while the Kickstarter project is very worthly and I’m glad they’re doing it, the site already has a lot of classical music available for download, free with registration.”

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September 18, 2010

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September 18, 2010
Teknival - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

it may not be trendy to tumblr wikipedia sites, but some deffinitions, knowledge or informations need some times to be accentuated. however the knowledge is not knowledge for people living it, and neither for people who are not, because these ones will never be interested in… retorical question would be: is this advertising?

July 8, 2010
netnography: Sociology in the age of the Internet: Intro

“To see the internet as a social space, as many early theorist did, is to understand the experience of being online as being in another place, literally the agora or ‘other place’ of political theory. If we understand the internet as a place, then certain implication follow, amongst which, that…

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May 26, 2010
"… men regarded the label mainstream as ‘essentially negative, a synonym for unhip’ whereas women understood it as ‘another way of saying popular music’…
… they described male use of music as ‘central and personal’ and the female orientation to music as ‘instrumental and social’ (Christenson and Peterson, 1988)"

— S. Thorton - Club Cultures

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May 9, 2010

Dan Robbins - D.B.D ( original mix ) (via djstevebe)

ez de nagy zene volt annak idején. talán dj Clark hozta el kis városunkba, Aradra… kazettán még mindig meg van, csak kazettafon nincs már hozzá.

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May 3, 2010
dear music bloggers, stop cutting music with opinions. are you an opinion blogger who occasionally posts music or are you a music blogger who occasionally posts their opinion?

(via dubstepfriday)

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May 3, 2010
(via flyersarchive)
szép fogás.14-én 4es metróban találkozunk? :)

(via flyersarchive)

szép fogás.
14-én 4es metróban találkozunk? :)

May 2, 2010

This is my the body of my dissertation (submitted in my last year at Brighton University (2009)), about the societal effects and responses Emo music and fashion for which I received a first. It’s now on the shelf in Brighton University library. I’ve not included the literature review, bibliography…

May 2, 2010
What Kind of Hipster are You?


Via Buzzfeed:

Ever wonder what kind of hipster you are? YourSceneSucks helps you define which totally sucky scene you belong to: Apple Store Indie, maybe Hipster Jesus?

1. Neo Trash

2. Apple Store Indie

3. Post Rocker

4. Williamsburg Hipster

5. Crunkcore Poser

6. Hipster Jesus

7. Orgcore Punker

May 2, 2010
WordSoundPower: Ha valakit érdekel, holnap a mandineres Rajcsányi Gellérttel


de azt remélem megmondjátok, hogy régen minden jobb volt.

ez tök érdekes egyébként, amit mondasz. Eddig kétszer kellett beszélnem a tévébe’ az emegyen elektronikuszenei kultúráról, és minden vendég rajtam kívül azt mondta, hogy régen minden sokkal jobb volt, mert az nem a…

 ezek alapján én nem hallgatnálak meg :( mondj valami ízelítőt is :) Az emegyes performanszod tetszett, azóta is rágódom a balatonos bemutatásodon…

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